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Preschool & VPK

If your child turns 4 by September 1st, they are eligible for Florida's Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK). The purpose of VPK is to insure your child is academically and socially ready to go to public school. At Planet Kids we take this responsibility seriously; every year we are graded on our performance, and every year we receive outstanding scores well above the state's average. Beyond meeting state standards, our VPK teachers expose kids to a variety of literature including: fiction, non-fiction, songs and poems, encouraging group discussions, and promoting critical thinking skills.
Planet Kid's students have access to ABC Mouse, an emerging literacy program, available online. Like our other students, our VPK students spend time in the Computer Lab and take guided classes with our yoga teacher.

Parent Testimonials

"Our daughter has been at Planet Kids since she was six months old. We can't express how happy we have been with her experiences there. The care and nurturing is amazing and I couldn't think of another facility that I would trust to put her. She is now about to turn four and will enter the VPK program at Planet Kids. To see her growth and maturity in both the education and the social aspect is amazing!!! When we think of Planet Kids we would describe it as: safe, clean, nurturing, trustworthy, reliable, loving and overall superior! We are sooo happy with Planet Kids!!!"

 - Lauren Eisenberg

"Planet Kids has been a wonderful experience for both of my boys. It is a warm and loving environment where they learned while having fun. My oldest son is now in kindergarten but was so happy at Planet Kids that he will be back for camp. My youngest son has some special needs and the staff has been excellent working with him and giving him some special attention. I highly recommend Planet Kids to anyone."

- Jessica Stanley

"My children have been attending Planet Kids for over three years. When I first went back to work I was a worried parent. Placing my child in someone else's care was not what I wanted to do. Planet Kids changed that for me! The teachers make my children feel loved and cared for! They love the Spanish lessons, sign language and Mr. Freddy (the music teacher)! My older son is now in kindergarten and got a great foundation at Planet Kids! How many parents can say their child learned to read books in VPK? Well mine did and that's because of the good staff at Planet Kids! Thanks, Planet Kids!"

- Debra Lehrhaupt

"I can't speak highly enough of the staff and curriculum at Planet Kids. I am amazed every day by what my daughter has learned. She is two and a half and has been involved in Planet Kids since she was ten weeks old. I truly believe that Planet Kids has helped her to grow into a bright, happy, well adjusted toddler."

- Melissa Shinka

"At Planet Kids, it is all about the love. My daughter is a little over 4 years old now and has been at Planet Kids since she was 14 months. Many working parents are faced with the concern of entrusting their children with basic strangers at an early age. When reviewing daycare facilities, for my wife and I, selecting a daycare facility that was both safe and possessed a loving environment for our daughter, were two of our top priorities. We have realized both in Planet Kids. I have had other parents affirm this same sentiment to me on multiple occasions. If you want your child to be in a safe, caring environment, simply put, Planet Kids is the place for you."

- Tony & Christine Tringali

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